Back in 1998 we began importing handmade paper and products from Nepal. What started as a deep admiration for this fascinating lokta paper, and our desire to offer it to folks in America, has grown into so much more over the years: our tremendous respect for the Nepali people and the opportunity to help them financially; helping to keep alive the centuries old tradition of making paper by hand in Nepal; providing our retail customers and ultimately their customers, with one-of-a-kind, handmade paper and products that are environmentally sound and socially responsible.  We believe in doing what’s right by our papermaking partners in Nepal and our customers here in North America.

The growing awareness of the “green” movement is of great interest to us.  Graeham Owens has been “green” since our beginning.  The lokta plant – from which most of our products are made – is renewable and tree free resource.  The plant completely regenerates from the same root system after being harvested.  Our paper is made in rural mountainous villages without the use of electricity or petroleum.  Furthermore, the paper is transported from the paper making villages to the nearest passable road (often a 5 day journey!) via a donkey caravan, then on to Kathmandu.  As green as green can be.  (Full disclosure – our partner in Kathmandu does use electricity for cutting and calendering paper and lighting his workshop for his employees.)

We believe in paying fair prices for the paper and products we import from Nepal.  This is simply fair + just + right.  Our partners deserve to benefit from the fruits of their labor equally as much as we do.  Business, like most relationships in life, is a two-way street.  Even while endorsing this philosophy we are able to offer our customers with exceptional value, because we buy direct from our partner.  There is no middleman/agent/freight forwarder anywhere in the picture.  We have every confidence that our earth friendly, green and socially responsible paper and products will delight our customers.